*Approximately 34 per cent of African American children live in households that “struggle to put food on the table.” This is according to a new study released last week entitled “Hunger by the Numbers among African Americans.”

It was compiled by the anti-hunger organization Bread for the World and is based on what the group says is “the latest data on hunger and poverty rates among African Americans living in major metropolitan areas.”

The analysis of the data also found that an astounding 90 percent of Black children will receive SNAP benefits at some point before age 20. SNAP is an acronym for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – formerly known as the Food Stamp Program. Overall, one in every four African Americans lives in poverty. This compares to one in eight of the general population.

The head of African American Church relations at Bread for the World Bishop Don Williams sounded a further alarm saying, “It would hardly be an overstatement to say an entire generation of African American children is at risk of being set back due to the current recession.” The current recession has gripped the nation since December 2007.

Bread for the World Director Asma Lateef recommended the following: “One of the best investments the United States can make in the African American community is to create green jobs which will help jump start the manufacturing and construction sectors.” However, there is growing evidence that current “green” or environmentally friendly technology is not sufficient to create the number of jobs needed to uplift Black America from its current over 16 percent unemployment rate. www.blacknewsjournal.net. (source: Taylor Media Services)