*Rapper Nicki Minaj spoke to MTV about the days leading up to her Young Money leader Lil Wayne’s imprisonment – describing his off-and-on against sentencing as an “emotional rollercoaster” for the whole crew.

“His actual time to go in had been changing, up and down,” she told MTV. “So it’s been an emotional roller coaster for all of us involved because we never knew when the last text message or that last hug was the actual last text message or hug. It was very, very strange. We wouldn’t wish it on any crew in the game.”

Minaj, who performed with Young Money at MTV’s Spring Break, spoke of her admiration for Wayne’s performance at the event last year, when he  was a headliner.

“He’s so much more than a headliner, he’s a person that I look at and I can’t believe this guy is still going after 20 to 30 minutes in the hot sun,” she said. “To not have him here, it’s like a life lesson for all of us – always work as if we have no one else to depend on – and that’s what he teaches us.

“He did, like, 1,000 videos before he went in, knowing that he had to go to jail. A lot of us wouldn’t do that. A lot of us would be curled up on a ball like, ‘Oh my God, my life is about to be over’.”