*Lord, we wish we didn’t have go through it we did. And you, too. Yes, we’re referring to the site crashing again yesterday just like it did last Monday.

Before we try to explain what happened, we’d like apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you, like maybe not being the distraction you need to keep you from doing your work. 🙂

The site crashed, we’re told, because of a registry error of some kind. Yes, it was basically the same recurring problem as last Monday, only we didn’t know it would be a repeat problem until yesterday. Instead of using the back up data to restore the site, which could’ve brought the it back quicker, we decided that route would probably only fix the problem for a week and then the internal time bomb would happen all over again. We decided instead to re-install everything. Logic says this way the same problem will shouldn’t happen again next Monday. God, we hope not.

OK, we’re going to wipe the egg off our face and get back to work.