*A distribution company is suing “Pants on the Ground” singer Larry Platt for expenses related to his professional recording of the song with rapper Mims.

Attorney Leron Rogers of Hewitt & Rogers filed the suit on behalf of American King Music for “expenses related to producing, writing and recording of Mr. Platt’s official recording of the single.”

“My client, American King Music, who funded Mr. Platt’s recording session with Mims, would like to compensate Mr. Platt for the sales of the full-length hit song “Pants in the Ground” which we made available on iTunes. However, Mr. Platt and his representatives have failed to take care of Mr. Platt’s obligations,” said Rogers who filed the lawsuit in an Atlanta federal court, according to Allhiphop.com.

Platt’s song, which he performed acapella on “American Idol,” became a nationwide sensation, sparking numerous parodies and tributes on YouTube.

Platt recorded the official version of “Pants in the Ground” at Mims’s studio with funding and distribution by American King Music. The company also compensated Mims for his production work and co-writing of the full-length song.