Wonder if the pigeon is thinking what we're thinking about Iron Mike? 🙂

*Did you know that tough guy Mike Tyson is getting his own television series…about pigeons? Yep, it’s true.

Animal Planet is teaming up with the former boxing champ for “Taking on Tyson.” The show will follow his involvement with competitive pigeon racing according to Broadcasting & Cable.

“Tyson’s passion for his pigeons takes my breath away,” gushes an Animal Planet exec. “For years, he has been inspired by these birds that he feels have the ‘biggest heart’ in the animal kingdom.”

And Iron Mike wants the world to know that he’s a pigeon lover from way back.

“I feel a great pride acting as an official representative for all the pigeon fanciers out there. I want people to see why we love these birds,” says Tyson.

The former heavyweight boxing champ has been raising pigeons his entire life. The show is slated to run in early 2011.