Tavis Smiley

*Some of the nation’s most prominent Black leaders publicly took President Obama to task last Saturday in Chicago at a forum organized by outspoken television and radio talk-show host Tavis Smiley.

The latest Gallop poll shows Obama maintaining a near 90 percent approval rating among African Americans. But many Black leaders feel he is not doing enough to address African American concerns, especially high unemployment rates.

Several of those Black leaders attended Smiley’s forum which drew over 3,000 people to Chicago State University’s Jones Convocation Center. The forum centered on the topic “Is There a Need for a Black Agenda.”

It is a topic which has split America’s Black leadership. One side has accepted President Obama argument that as president of all Americans, it would be a mistake for him to push a so-called Black agenda or advocate programs which only or primarily benefit Blacks.

The critics thus charge that a “Black Agenda” is needed to properly address African American needs and concerns. (source”: Taylor Media Services)