*The pro-life American majority, and hundreds of thousands of unborn children, are counting on the remaining self-labeled “pro-life” Democrats to hold firm for Sunday’s historic House vote on health care, said the head of a leading anti-abortion group Saturday. As a handful of self-labeled “pro-life” Democratic members of Congress announced their support for the current Health Care reform legislation, Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser insisted that any member of Congress who votes for the “pro-abortion” legislation can no longer call themselves “pro-life.”

“Support for the Senate version of healthcare flies in the face of all pro-life principles,” said Dannenfelser in a statement. “A vote in favor of this healthcare bill will be a vote for abortion and against Life. There is no middle ground.”

On Sunday, the chairman of the Democratic caucus in the House said his party has the 216 votes needed to pass President Barack Obama’s health care bill – a claim that no other leader in the Democratic House has yet made.

“We have the votes now – as we speak,” Connecticut Rep. John Larson said, speaking on ABC’s “This Week.”

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