Eugenia Wright (photo Billy Ingram)

*Los Angeles, CA — Publicity siren Eugenia Wright, formerly an actress and model in the 80’s is receiving more and more attention these days.

Apparently her famous up-do with a bun on top of her long luxurious raven mane is now the style of Nicole (“Snooki”) from the controversial reality show Jersey Shore.

Eugenia has been stopped at clubs with clients and shot several times by the paparazzi. As a publicist and party columnist for Lee Bailey’s, Eugenia is out ‘n about at red carpets reporting for her column “Kleopatra Girl’s Ringside Report,” quite frequently.

Sometimes Eugenia finds all the gazes bothersome especially when recently an industry colleague walked right up to her in her face while she was sitting chatting with friends, to try and identify her as Snooki. Later in the evening, when he realized his mistake and the light bulb went off that it was Eugenia, he flagged down the sultry publicist/columnist and apologized in front of others by kissing her hand.

Snooki from MTV's 'Jersey Shore'

Eugenia says, “Long before Snooki and long before Amy Winehouse whom I’ve often been called, I have been wearing my hair like this in homage to Cleopatra who reportedly wore her long hair with a bun (according to some history reports) and because of my acting credits depicting the legendary beauty in George Bernard Shaw’s Caesar and Cleopatra, Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra and model for the late famed artist Avery Clayton’s Cleopatra. But I’ve got to tell you truly that a big influence was Sophia Loren. I’m part Italian and as a young girl growing up in the 60’s, I was a huge fan of the Sicilian stunner and still am. I saw a film Sophia made in 1970 entitled Bocaccio 70 and fell in love with her hairstyle. I thought it was so sexy. Growing up I wore my hair in similar fashion and then about seven years ago I started to wear it like that again. Little did I know a rocker named Amy Winehouse and now a reality star named Snooki would come along and wear it just the same. If order counts on who donned the look, it would have to be Sophia, me, Eugenia, Amy and then Snooki.”

Eugenia Wright thinks the whole idea was funny until her husband started joking and calling her Snooki. “I have to say it’s ‘wearing’ on me, but I won’t give up my look.”

“Well, I was sporting this coif long before Snooki and Amy and I’m sure I will be wearing it long after.” Artists always have to re-invent themselves, but I found comfort finally in my own skin and with my own hairstyle and clothing preferences. As an actress I used to be a chameleon playing an array of roles from Black to Asian and everything else in between (lists of credits in the IMDB). I found out who I like to be and that is… ME not a bunch of characters. The irony is now that I am me, everyone thinks I’m someone else (???!!!).”

Watch Eugenia Wright a/k/a Kleopatra Girl on the “Morning Coffee” Internet  TV show:

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