*TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson had heart rhythmic activity at UCLA Medical Center, based on two EKGs performed on the singer before he died.

The Web site also cites sources who say Dr. Conrad Murray insists he was able to restart Jackson’s heart at the singer’s home before paramedics arrived and then maintained heart activity in the ambulance.

This contradicts emergency responders at the scene who wanted to take Jackson to the morgue, not UCLA, because they believed he was dead. It also contradicts Joe Jackson’s lawyer, Brian Oxman, who says he believes Jackson was dead before paramedics even arrived on scene.

TMZ says at least one doctor interpreting the two EKG results claims there was heart rhythmic activity both times. But, Oxman believes the weak pulse detected at UCLA was in reaction to resuscitation efforts.

“We’re told the criminal case is shaping up as a legal war between medical experts, who will be interpreting medical tests and charts in various ways — always confusing for a jury,” TMZ stated.