*Pittsburgh Steelers star Santonio Holmes is claiming that the woman who is suing him for allegedly throwing a glass at her face at a club called him the N-word, and that someone else actually hurled the glass full of liquor.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, an off-duty officer working at Club Rain in Orlando on March 7 — the night of the alleged incident — claims he spoke with both Holmes and his accuser Anshonae Mills outside the club and got completely conflicting stories.

The officer claims Holmes told him that he tried to walk away from a conflict involving a seat in the VIP section when Mills grabbed him by the wrist and called him a “f*ck n*gger.”

Holmes then said that an unknown woman in the club threw the glass that struck Mills in the face.

Mills, however, told the cop that Holmes was the one who threw the glass, which took place after he confronted her over the VIP seat. The officer claims he told Mills that she would need written sworn statements from “everyone” before he could make an arrest.

According to the report, Mills then asked the cop if she could talk to Holmes one-on-one and the officer agreed. The cop says he observed Mills “smiling and rubbing Holmes’ face” during the interaction.

The cop says the two returned five minutes later and Mills agreed not to pursue the matter further. The officer says he did notice that Mills did have a small abrasion over her right eye … but she refused medical attention.

Apparently, Mills had a change of heart and filed a civil lawsuit against Holmes last week.