*A conservative blogger who called for Obama’s assassination on Twitter is now the target of a probe by the Secret Service.

The tweet from Solomon “Solly” Forrell, first reported by Gawker.com, was in response to Obama’s health care legislation that passed Congress late Sunday. The offensive tweet, seen below, included the line: “We’ll surely get over a bullet 2 Barack Obama’s head!”

Forell then followed that tweet up with this:

Sam Gustin at DailyFinance is reporting that the Secret Service is now investigating Forell’s tweets, with Secret Service spokesperson Max Milien stating: “We are aware of the actual posting and are actively investigating.”

Solly’s bio quote on Twitter says: “Barack Obama’s election in 2008 as the 44th POTUS was an American Electorate mistake & as an ‘authentic’ African-American – I should know.”

Although Twitter sent an email to Gawker declaring that Forell’s profile had been removed, it appeared at press time that only the assassination-related tweets have been deleted from his account.