No'Nique & Sidney Hicks

*Do you remember that old school love?  That pure love, the kind that was just about has close to being Biblical as you could possibly make it?  Well, we know someone who is claiming just that sort of love.  Her name is Monique.  

In a continuation from a prior newsbit our Lee Bailey gets the lowdown on Mo’Nique regarding her business partner, husband and friend Sidney Hicks.   She says she owes a great deal of her current success to him. Especially her ability to remain cool, calm and collected during the run up to the whole award season process which culminated with a best supporting actress Oscar win for her.

“I would blame that on a man by the name of Sidney Hicks,” Mo’Nique explained. “He, in my humble opinion, is from God.  He’s an angel, for me.  And he really put things in perspective.  And I truly, understand now as a grown woman, when I as a little girl would hear women say, ‘I got a man.  He’s the king of the castle.’  Now I understand. During this whole process it was conversations my husband and I were having. He was like ‘Keep your cool, it’s okay. Keep your cool.’ He’s my business partner, as well as my husband. He and I were best friends since we were 14 years old.  So, it’s not like he’s this new person for me.  He has been in my life since we were kids.  So we know each other very well. So, I trust him.”  

Mo says her husband is the architect of her current career. He’s been in charge for about 4 years now.   

“You know how sometimes you listen to someone’s ideas about you and they make sense?  And you don’t fight against it?  Sometimes you fight against it because you just want trouble.  Some woman are like ‘Well, that don’t make sense!’ but I learned to submit n when it made since.”

Dang, can you say sprung?  But on the real, there’s nothing wrong with witnessing black love.  Right on, right on!

Check out the next EURweb when Mo’Nique stands up for a young actress that she relates all too well.