*If you were here yesterday morning around 11am Eastern (8am Pacific), you know that one minute the site was running all smooth and stuff and the next minute, it was adios … hasta la vista time.

Just like that we were gone. All day.  🙁  The victim of a harddrive crash. To say we’re upset with our hosting company, Hostgator, is an understatement. That’s because the machine/server we’re on and all its components are SUPPOSED to be brand new. Well, we don’t know what the real deal is yet on that and may never know.

In any event, after realizing they blew it, Hostgator, to their credit worked diligently to get us back up the same day. Unfortunately we lost some of our stories from the weekend and yesterday, but fortunately we were able to save all the rest.

So if you were left wondering “what tha …?” now you know. And of course we apologize for any inconvenience to you.