Teena Marie turns 54 today

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Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Joy and Happiness

Today’s tip for success is focused on helping you overcome this challenging economy. It is taken from my new book, Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks. Happiness is typically a result of the happenings in your life. But joy is the result of your internal positioning, and I decided long ago that I would not let stuff steal or disrupt my joy! You, too, can develop calm and an attitude of joy within, even in the midst of crazy times.

How? One technique is to make a commitment to say calming things to yourself. Practice being calm by saying aloud, Stay calm and do not panic! Then ask yourself: “Will the world stop turning because of this problem?” If the answer is no, keep moving! Make a decision to fill yourself with the pure, the powerful and the positive. Realize that no matter how many challenges you have, you still are blessed because you are still here, which means you still have a chance to turn the situation around. Stay positive and stay prayerful, and expect that your best is yet to come!

Visit my website at www.williejolley.com for more information on turning your setbacks into greenbacks, and make this a great day!


March 5: Actor Fred Williamson is 72. Actor Michael Warren is 64. Singer Eddy Grant is 62. Actress-comedian Marsha Warfield (“Night Court”) is 56. Singer Teena Marie is 54. Singer Rome is 40. Actress Eva Mendes is 35.


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Mar. 5, 1770: On this day, Crispus Attucks, an escaped slave became the first man killed in the cause of America’s freedom. This event is better known as the Boston Massacre. (Source: www.BlackFacts.com)