Chaka Khan turns 57 today

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Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Don’t Let Others Determine Your Possibilities

Wayne Huizenga made his wealth as a trash man. He was born during the Great Depression and grew up poor. As a young man, he started working for a family that owned a trash company. After a couple of years, he had enough money saved to buy his own trash truck, and he started his own company. Many laughed at him because he was a trash man, but he never let his pride get in the way of his prosperity. He would pick up trash from 2:00 A.M. until midday. The rest of the day he would go door to door to drum up business.

He bought more trash trucks, hired more people, and eventually created a company called Waste Management, Inc. He eventually became wealthy and even bought the Miami Dolphins football team and the Florida Marlins baseball team. He went from hauling trash to hauling millions of dollars to the bank- all because he refused to let others determine his possibilities. He refused to let his pride poison his prosperity.

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March 23: Singer Chaka Khan is 57.


If you remember the Lockers, the dance troupe that changed the game, you’ll enjoy this site:

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Mar. 23, 1968: Rev. Walter Fauntroy, a former aide of Martin Luther King Jr., became the first nonvoting congressional delegate from the District of Columbia since the Reconstruction period. (Source: