*Ladies the last post was entitled, “Being Big Doesn’t Guarantee the Gig”, but when is BIG too BIG? Ladies when do you say, “I’m sorry, but can we just be friends?” or ask “Dayum, is that ALL you?”

I know most women say size matters, but ladies be careful for what you ask for because sometimes you may bite off more than you can chew (figuratively speaking, guys). Some women won’t mess with a guy unless is he packing a 45, God bless them!

Ok picture this, you’re out on a date with a sexy man having great conversation, you have been dating him for a couple months and tonight is the night you decided to give him some. Fast ward to the end of the night and you are in his bedroom, you have your sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie on, you’re ready to give it to him like he never had it before until he takes your hand and place it on his piece. At this point, you’re thinking dayum this man is deformed, so do you continue and carry out the act or put your clothes on as fast as you can and break the hell out?

Well there are pros and cons when it comes to dealing with this kind of man. Pros obviously are that he won’t have any problem finding your spot and probably will make you climax like you never have before and numerous times.

The cons are you can only take this kind of man for so long. So more than likely, not unless you’re use to dealing with BIG men, you’re ready to get it over sooner than later, even if it does feel great at the time. Sex probably would be more infrequent because the average woman need time to heal from this kind of man.

So, ladies I ask you, is it worth all the pain? Is being BIG a gift or a curse? BIG Men, what have been your experiences?