*A planned lecture from conservative pundit Ann Coulter at a Canadian college was cancelled Tuesday night over fears that students would riot over a racist comment made the previous night.

According to the New York Daily News, security at the University of Ottawa scrapped a talk by the right-wing maven when more than 2,000 students showed up to protest her advice to a Muslim student in London, Ontario Monday to “take a camel” as an alternative to flying.

Coulter’s comment came after previously telling a gathering that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed on airplanes and should take “flying carpets.” The camel quip came when Muslim student Fatima Al-Dhaher challenged Coulter on the remark – and told her she didn’t have a flying carpet.

“What mode of transportation?” Coulter responded. “Take a camel.”

Students jeered Coulter’s remarks, and showed up in mass Tuesday night let her know she was not welcome at the school.

Coulter tried to explain away her comments Tuesday as “satire.”

“I can say it a lot quicker with a joke, and by the way, they wouldn’t be bringing me in here for a speech if I never told a joke, if I never used satire,” she told a Canadian TV news channel.

Below, Coulter’s “camel” comment edited from her 3 min. answer, followed by her entire 3 min answer.