Census Bureau Director Robert Groves

*The word “Negro” may no longer appear on a US census after this year, thanks to a woman who took offense to the term and voiced her opinion directly to the Census Bureau Director on live television.

The whole thing went down on C-SPAN Friday. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves was a guest on “Washington Journal” when a caller challenged the use of the dated term “Negro” to describe Americans of African descent, which appears on the 2010 census alongside the terms “African-American” and “Black.”

“I am black. I did not appreciate the black, the African-American, and Negro,” said the caller. “It really hurt my feelings … that, to me, is racist.” [Story continues below.]

Groves responded: “First of all, let me apologize to you on behalf of all my colleagues.” He then explained. “The intent of every word on the race and ethnicity questions is to be as inclusive as possible so that all of us could see a word here that rings a bell for us … it was not to be offensive, and again, I apologize on that.

“My speculation is that in 2020 that word will disappear and there are going to be other words that are going to change.”

See the C-SPAN clip here.