*Her fate was pretty much sealed after she finished her rendition of Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds” Wednesday night.

“American Idol” contestant Paige Miles was booted off of the show last night, just missing the round of top 10 who will participate in this summer’s “Idol” tour.

Miles, who suffered from laryngitis last week, struggled to find any of the right notes on Tuesday’s episode featuring Billboard No. 1 songs. Randy Jackson called her performance “honestly terrible.”

When host Ryan Seacrest announced that Miles had received the lowest amount of votes, Simon Cowell told the 24-year-old Florida native that she would not be singing for the chance to be saved by the judges, as they’d already unanimously decided to send her home.

“It’s not working,” he told Miles. “I don’t want to give you any false hope here. It’s the end.”

So what did Miles have to say for herself? “I had a lot of health issues going on out here…bad song choices and things like that, but I still had a blast, and it was a great learning experience.”

Miles wisely chose not to sing “Against All Odds” for her farewell performance, instead revisiting Free’s “All Right Now” from top 24 week.

Meanwhile, Usher will mentor the “Idol” top 10 next Tuesday (Mar. 30) for an R&B/soul themed performance night.

Below: Paige struggles through “Against All Odds”