*During an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” last week, Stacey Dash was grilled about her Oscar night activity with Jamie Foxx. The actress was asked whether or not she is officially dating him, if they had sex and would she accept a second date if he asked. 

 Basically, the answers were no, no and yes.

 As previously reported, the “Clueless” star, who recently filed for divorce from her current husband, said the Academy-Award winner made the first move by inviting her out on the night of the Oscars.

Dash told Wendy: “I did his radio show The Foxxhole and after the show he said, ‘Do you want to go with me to some parties Sunday night, Oscar night?’ I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, sure’. And then he texted me and it was for real.

“He sent a car for me and then I picked him up. He wasn’t ready though. His family was there. It was all very, very wholesome. A real first date.”

When asked if she had been intimate with Foxx, she said: “No, I’m not doing that any more. At this particular moment in time, this kitty is being held hostage.” Dash added: “We’re friends. We like each other. He’s a nice guy.”

View interview clip below: