President Obama and his lookalike, Ilham Anas

*Wanna see something weird and freaky? It’s and Indonesian dude named Ilham Anas who’s darn near the spitting image of President Barack Obama.

The magazine photographer looks so much like the prez that he plays him in TV commercials.

He even shapes his eyebrows to heighten the effect-and uses it to the delight of advertisers and event planners in Southeast Asia.

“I’ve got so much work I can’t handle it,” he tells the Los Angeles Times.

But believe or not, Anas says he wasn’t always so sure about the resemblance.

“I was in denial,” he says, and on top that “I sound like a little boy.”

Well not really, from what we can hear. Either way, he’s currently starring in a TV commercial opposite a lookalike of Philippine President Gloria Arroyo.

“We have dinner and she makes me overeat. Then she gives me these pills to make me better. The ad is a hit across the country.”

Check him out: