*On Wednesday, Hollywood locals may have taken a double take when they say CNN talk show host, Larry King, taking a stroll with rapper Snoop Dogg in the Long Beach native’s bright yellow ’67 Pontiac Parisienne.

The pair was filming for Snoop Dogg’s segment and interview on ‘Larry King Live,’ which airs tonight, Friday (March 26).

King appeared to be having a good time. He posted two photos of the event on Twitter with the caption, “Me Driving around with @SnoopDogg.”

The rapper last met with the 76-year-old King back in 2008 to talk about politics.

During the election, Snoop distanced himself from both Democratic and Republican parties in favor of the independent neutrality of “the Gangsta Party.”

However, Snoop did admit he felt a tie to Obama. “I am a black man, and I know that he relates to everything that I am going through… I just want to see somebody win that is in the best interest of America… Obama has got the right conversation going. He is in line with the right scenario too.

Snoop talking politics with Larry King in 2008: