*The New York Daily News claims trouble is brewing behind the scenes of Jada Pinkett Smith’s TNT drama “HawthoRNe” and it’s all due to her husband/executive producer Will Smith, who is reportedly refusing to cooperate with the rest of the production team.

“He is not currently shooting a movie, so he’s been a constant on the set in recent weeks,” a source told the paper’s Gatecrasher column. “He’s been inserting his input and requesting so many changes to the script that it pushed back the production schedule tremendously and caused everything to spiral out of control.”

The cast just returned to the set this week after an unplanned, eight-day hiatus – and although one source says it was because of an illness in Smith’s family, “another well-connected insider suggests it was imposed by the network to sort out all of the production’s complications,” Gatecrasher stated.

A publicist for TNT had “no comment” on the rumor, while Smith’s rep said that this was “untrue.” Nevertheless, the Daily News snitch insists: “Everyone is praying for him to book a new movie so that he will go away.”

Variety reported on Thursday that Smith is deciding between returning to the third installment of “Men in Black,” or taking a role in 20th Century Fox’s upcoming fantasy-adventure “The City That Sailed.”