Beyonce (left) and Alicia Keys film the video for "Put It In a Love Song" in Rio De Janiero

*Alicia Keys has reportedly decided to postpone the release of her Beyonce duet “Put It In a Love Song” as the next single from her album, and will instead drop “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready),” which features rapper Drake.

Keys and Bey flew out to the slums of Rio de Janiero, Brazil in February to film a music video for the track, which was supposed to premiere in March as the next single from her “Element of Freedom” CD.

“Expect [‘Put It In A Love Song’] right after my ‘Un-Thinkable’ video,” she told Rap Up. “It’s kind of nice that I have such a great video [with] such a great artist in the can. They’re going to be able to see the ‘Un-Thinkable’ video first and then see ‘Put It in a Love Song’, but it probably won’t come until closer to this summer.”

Keys will reportedly shoot the “Unthinkable” video on April 10 and has ruled out inviting Drake to make a cameo.

“He won’t be in the video. That’s too obvious,” she said. “[But] he’s a great guy. I’m really proud of all the things he’s been able to achieve, and we’re most likely going to do some kind of remix for the song that’ll be really good. There’ll be more of me and Drake.”