*Coming to a television screen near you, an exclusive interview with “Inside the Actors Studio’s” James Lipton and Diddy! Yes, with Diddy.

The rapper slash actor slash producer will be walking audiences through the last two decades of his acting and music career.

Diddy posted on his Twitter on April 12: “Filming ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ with James Lipton tomorrow! Excited to meet all these students! What an honor & a blessing! Airs May 25!”

Though the multi-tasking, talented entertainer is best known for his production and even his on and off rapping, his film career has all but been an exciting addition to his entertainment repertoire, making a cameo appearance in “Monster’s Ball,” “A Raisin in the sun,” and his latest work, “Get Him to the Greek,” set to debut on June 4.

Watch ther trailer for ‘Get Him to the Greek’: