With the Moon in your sign on the 13th and most of the 14th (a New Moon day for the Ram), the focus is on you. Introspection is key as you reach inside and really figure the moves you need in deliberate steps. Your challenge is to fight the urge to be so impulsive. Take time, even half a second before blurting out words and actions you can’t take back. Once the New Moon passes, you feel more in tune with your inner nature; feel free to in those instincts, but remember to fight impulsive behavior!


This is the last forecast period in which you feel restless. Use that energy to fight the good fight, the one that begins on the 19th. That day will find you thrust into the limelight. It’s also a very good day to simply be at home, a plan you really had after such a hectic week. People prominent in your inner circle command your attention, and you really must trust their words, despite your inflexibility. While the 15th is tax day, aoid any friction that may distract you from figuring your wealth.


Prior to the weekend, there is a lot to finish up. Although you feel the deadline cannot possibly be met, you reach into your bag of tricks and pull out a solution favorable to all. With the Moon in your sign from the 16th to early morning of the 19th, you already know who will dominate the spotlight. Go ahead and have fun. When you face that mountain of work on the 19th, it will feel as if the world has slowed to a crawl. Slog on through, Gemini as your patience will be sorely tested for some time to come.


While the revelations of the past week may rock the very foundations of your world, the fact that you are now taking charge of your life is a good thing. Career-wise, look to the 13th for a new direction, a change and a re-invigorated goal. Follow through completely on a promise on the 15th and 16th. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th, expect a past problem to surface. Will it be a big deal, and will you be prepared for it? My guess is, on the 19th, when the Moon is in your sign, the answer be revealed.


That fire you’ve been feeling this past month turns into a full-blown love affair. There’s been an air of self-propulsion, aided by an inordinate amount of luck. That’s good for the Lion, as he/she loves to take chances and deal with consequences later. You’ll feel emboldened on the 13th; go ahead with those travel plans, but lock down the fine points by the 17th. After that date, well, hunker down for a lot of explaining to those in authority about certain flaws that were overlooked.


With money matters coming into focus, will there be enough for a large project that receives much attention on the 14th? Your head will be in a better place if you slow down before the weekend. By then, with your ruler, Mercury, turning retrograde on the 17th, it will seem like a return to the past. It’d be best to tap into that period and come up with answers based on your experiences. Study up, because you will be tested for your knowledge.


Partnerships are now commanding your attention, and it’d be best to get out and re-establish contacts. The New Moon in Aries on the 14th directly affects you, Libra, and may be a day when you are able to focus on a life-long dream with crystal clarity. This is a good thing, as you may find yourself tested for what you know, the reasons for your taking on a huge responsibility, and much more. I can tell you this: you will be in a very talkative mood over the weekend. Just make sure you keep your ego in check.


If you haven’t settled a dispute, please do so before the 17th, as planetary aspects point to a long dragged out argument that may destroy a great relationship. Stubbornness seems to be at the basis of this misunderstanding, and it is in your best interest to be patient. Although this may seem like a negative forecast for Scorpios, it really isn’t. You just have to realize that there are other opinions as valid as yours. Once you come to that realization, the light will come on in the back of your brain.


That project you’ve been hinting about is ready for its close up. Pick the 14th to bring it to life. As busy as you’ve been lately, it’s a surprise you still have the energy to pull off a bold move. As I’ve warned other signs, please be advised of retrograde Mercury on the 17th, a sure indication that things big and small often go not quite as one may plan. Expect little surprises over the weekend, but just know that they have major and long-lasting ramifications on a material level.


Your home life is highlighted this forecast period. It’s an environment where long-established rules are to be respected. Well, as of the 17th, all bets are off as far as obedience goes, and you get a huge hint as to who the instigator is on the 14th. Once he/she has been exposed, use your wisdom to patch things up, although you will be in for a rough ride if it’s not settled by the 17th. By the 19th, you’ll be in a comfort zone that endows you with an empathy not usually associated with you.


Be forceful in telling off another, especially because that person doesn’t know the power behind an angry Aquarian. One thing you despise is laziness, and you’ve been seeing it a lot lately. If you must air your grievances, do so on the 14th, and no later than the 17th, when Mercury turns retrograde in ultra-stubborn Taurus. Your sign is often intractable, too, so  you can see a storm brewing fast if you don’t take action quickly.


This is actually a quiet period for the Fish. No, just kidding, what with mighty Jupiter lending its good fortune on you. Grab hold, because the ride will seem like a Cape Canaveral launch, so rapidly are thing happening to you. Your bank account should have been inflated lately, so there is a lot to smile about. Of course, be aware of the 17th, when plans go astray and you are left with a tattered game plan. Did it include a speaking engagement, or something in which you  were offered a platform for your views?

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Martin Lawrence – Born April 16, 1965

With his Sun in Aries and the Moon in earthy Virgo, one might think that Martin Lawrence were a scientist or lawyer. Instead, we have a comedian with a lightning-quick comedic mind. Mercury joins Lawrence’s Sun, giving him an ability to absorb a character quicker than most.  And blame the Moon’s conjunction with Mars in Virgo for a deep understanding on how to tackle a role.

That aspect is aided and cursed by a Saturn in Pisces that focuses his mind and gives him a determination unmatched by his “competitors.” Such a combination can put undue pressure to accept every request that comes down the pike, often leading to bouts of severe depression and a definite need to simply get away from it all. Jupiter in Taurus supports Lawrence’s booming voice and allows him to pretty much dominate a conversation by sheer volume alone. Also, Jupiter softens a severe Saturn/Venus versus Moon/Mars aspect that would have defeated a mere mortal.

No, Martin Lawrence is not an easy man to be around unless one really, really knows his quirky ins and outs. In fact, there are so many oppositions in Martin Lawrence’s chart that it gives a guarded aura to him, especially a huge Jupiter in Taurus opposite Neptune in Scorpio aspect, meaning, subtly, that love and sex are never tucked far away in his libido.

But it all comes down to laughter, which comes easily when one studies as quickly and decisively as Martin Lawrence.