The Full Moon on the 28th brings a potential for huge earnings, especially if you’ve been paying attention to financial quirks and variances. It is to your advantage to be steadfast, stick to your principles and don’t get swallowed up in schemes that are not planted in solid ground. Try to get the opinions of trusted people. This week has its ups and downs, primarily in matters of communicating with the boss. You will find yourself in tune with him/her by the 3rd.  


On the 28th, if you feel as if you’re in a funk, or so full of vim and vigor, blame it on the Full Moon in your opposite sign of Scorpio. Therein lays the rub: you are at the center of attention, but getting it usually expends your energy. Not this day. Use the following few days, including the weekend, to see the big picture. Plans are solid on the 2nd and 3rd, mostly on the planning stage where all just falls right into place. Nothing business-wise slips past you on those days.


If someone has been on your mind, expect the culprit to be exposed by the 3rd. Your powers of concentration on that day, as well as the 2nd and 3rd, guide you along the right path, but it is very bumpy, what with your ruler, Mercury, stuck in a retrograde quagmire. Those two days area filled with rules and regulations that need to be followed, what with the tremendous amount of information flooding your mind. You just have to find the pace that suits you best to accomplish your mission.


A smooth forecast for the Moonchild, what with the Full Moon in Scorpio allowing you to take as many chances as you want. Job-wise, learn as much as possible with procedures that need to be followed. Camaraderie is to be expected on the 29th and 30th as you are pursued by others that really want you to succeed. When this period ends, you will know which way is up.


There is a lot of energy surrounding you this week, but rest assured that the 28th will be a day you will long remember. All tensions melt away over the weekend when you see the advantage of actually listening to another with vast experience in your field.  Aim for the 2nd and 3rd to spend time absorbing all the knowledge you can soak up, then use it to reach out to a person that likes to spend his/her time in the background, where the spotlight is the dimmest and one can observe goings-on without interruption.


Your usual shy personality gets dragged out on public display on the Full Moon of the 28th. That’s a great day to reach out and make others see your radiance and sensuality. Expect lots of activity around the home over the weekend, somewhere along the lines of visitors and a bit of re-arranging of the furniture. Try as you might to keep that spotlight away from you, it’s futile, so just enjoy the attention and get others to wait on you hand and foot.


Much like your Aries counterpart, earnings dominate your thoughts. It’s easy to see why, as aspects on the 28th directly affect your monetary situation. Only stumbling block we see is pesky retrograde Mercury in Taurus dragging out the details you may have glossed over. Those kinds of things have been going on for a while with Libra, but your patience will pay off in several weeks. Plow through until then, but keep an appointment around the home by the 2nd and 3rd.


There’s no beating around the bush, Scorpio. The 28th has your name written all over it as your special day, what with the Full Moon in your sign. It’s a rather cheery day for you, with aspects that shower you with accolades and attention fit for a king or queen. Take the weekend to also enjoy the freedom that you so crave and deserve, but put in some time to focus on the proper protocol that will bring you ample rewards and attention.


You crave freedom and feel restricted if deprived of the ability to truly be yourself. Well, after the Full Moon on the 28th, that burden you felt lifts away and you can fully express yourself throughout the weekend.  As the philosophical sign, you are advised to dispense with as much as you can. Others need your direction, or at the very least, a helping hand that you will be able to provide on the 2nd and 3rd. Those days hold the promise of encouragement and perseverance.   


You have been patient for so long that you feel like you are being ignored. That’s not the case, as the Full Moon on the 28th triggers events that will have a lasting effect on both you and those near to you. It involves a career move you may have been contemplating for some time. Normally, Full Moons signal the completion of a cycle. That is the case, and you are now free to explore benefits recently presented to you. The 2nd and 3rd find the Moon in your sign, so those are not the days to be shy.


In last week’s forecast, you were asked if your home life were tumultuous. There appears to be a head-butting session going on, and it’s not a pretty picture, nor does it appear to have been resolved.  You are the one that brings calm to the storms that rage around you. You are also the one that needs to analyze the situation and come up with a sensible answer. As usual, come up with a left-field answer and others will love it, and then thank you for preserving the peace.


Recently, like for the past several months, you have felt as if you’ve been blessed by the powers of the universe with plenty. Some of that energy is material in nature while the other is a spiritual sense of abundance that fills you with purpose and a need to share it with others. Don’t let “truthiness” ruin a great weekend. Those who revealed a secret just can’t help it. Let them know where you stand on the 2nd and 3rd, although they may know as early as the 28th. Can they be trusted?

Celebrity Birthday: Dule Hill – Born May 3, 1975

Dule Hill

Born with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Aquarius, Dule (pronounced “Du lay”) brings sincerity, drive and purpose to all his projects.

The star of “Psych” is fueled by Mars in Pisces, an intuitive placement that brings a grasp of a situation instantly.

Mercury in Taurus means that Hill stays within his own persona despite handling various scenes in a day. Serious Saturn in Cancer signals a strong family tie and a deep respect for authority, aided by a solidly positive aspect to that mars in Pisces.

Lucky Jupiter in Aries makes Hill a strong self starter, so much so that it is plain to see him as a student who had his schoolwork done well in advance of his fellow students.

Venus in Gemini points out that Hill may not settle into just one marriage, but if the aspects are right, his mate will not find a more loyal partner.