Julia Yarbrough

*Julia Yarbrough is a woman on a mission.  She wants to find her a man this time and keep him, but it seems that she’s already started making some classic “no no’s” in her quest for the man.

I don’t know if anyone told Julia Yarbrough, but today’s men really don’t find unemployed women anymore attractive than women find unemployed men attractive.

But, nonetheless, she took off with her BFF, Silva Harapetian, to find a man.  Another flag!  She not only has a girlfriend to bounce all his faults off of once she goes to interview said potential mate, but she’s bringing her along for the ride.

Yarbrough, 44, was a successful television anchor and reporter for over 20 years  in Miami, Fl.  But, she decided to scrap all of that, quit her job and hit the open road on a quest to find her man.  (more…)