Photo snapped by Twitter user Maimonides

*The editors at ultra-conservative newspaper Washington Examiner saw President Obama’s YouTube video – in which he encourages African Americans, Latinos and Women to return to the polls in 2010″ – and reported about it under the headline “Obama Disses White Guys.”

In the “Vote 2010” video, President Obama tries to fire up important portions of the coalition that put him in office in 2008: “young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women,” he stated. [Watch video below.]

Huffington Post’s Jason Linkins writes: “It didn’t go unnoticed that Obama didn’t specifically name-check our nation’s terribly oppressed white people by name, leaving many concerned that they might continue to struggle with second-class status in a nation that has always hated and feared them. Today, the Washington Examiner takes up their cause, with aplomb.”