Dwyane & Siohvaughn Wade

*The drama that is the divorce between Miami Heat superstar guard Dwyane Wade and his estranged wife Siohvaughn, keeps getting more … dramatic.

Back in January of 2009 Siohvaugh claimed that Dwyane gave her chlamydia, but a family friend says the allegation is untrue.

Andrea Williams, described as a “close friend of the Wades,” according to a TMZ report, testified that Siohvaughn previously said she got the disease from a man she was seeing while married to Wade. Mrs. Wade dropped the claim in February and Dwyane returned the favor and sued her over the allegation.

As we reported earlier, D. Wade is seeking full custody of his two sons and wants his wife to undergo a psychological examination. A devastating legal petition calls Siohvaughn “unstable, dishonest, unbalanced, unwilling to accept responsibility for her actions, not of good character, and therefore, unfit to be a custodial parent.”

Siohvaughn Wade of course is firing back. She says her husband is “guilty of extreme and repeated mental cruelty.”

But wait, there’s more. The Miami Heat superstar claims his two sons’ mother intentionally blocked the oldest son from sharing an endearing father-son experience — out of spite.

Wade’s lawyer claims he wanted to take his 8-year-old son to All-Star weekend in Dallas. But in the same lawsuit D. Wade claims Siohvaughn blocked him by throwing a birthday party for the youngster in Wisconsin — 10 days after the boy’s real birthday.