DJ Premiere and Guru

*The last moments of Guru were captured on radio with DJ Premier, two weeks before his death. On his Sirius XM radio show, the DJ shared with his audience that he was able to visit Guru in the hospital, despite tight visitation restrictions.

The Boom Box reports Premier’s hospital visit was the first time since 2003 the pair were in the same room together. After the release of Gang Starr’s sixth album, “The Ownerz,” the pair had a falling out. Since then, Guru gained a new partner, Solar.

Premier and Guru have a long history, dating as far back as ’89. Since the controversy between the two, rumors spread, but the DJ doubted his old partner made the reported statements.

“When I saw Guru it really f***ed me up,” he said over the air. “I wore a Gang Starr shirt first of all, just for the energy and so he knew that that’s forever with us… And that includes everyone that came before me; I know every one of them.”

He also blasted Solar’s poor stewardship, saying Guru appeared abandoned and uncared for with long nails, swollen feet, and unkept hair.  

Just two days before Guru’s final breaths, Premier made a final gesture to his long time friend and partner, while he lay unconscious.

“I took the logo off my shirt, and rubbed it against his whole body… and I told him a message from me about how much I loved him, and we were for life, and we are still for life. And then I kissed him on the face to let him know that I was gonna miss him, because it seemed like he was already gone.”

Guru suffered a heart attack in February. Shortly after surgery he fell into a coma. However, he died of cancer.