Dr. Boyce Watkins

NOTE: Corey Poitier, the lone Republican in the race to replace Congressman Kendrick Meek in Florida’s District 17, had a message for President Barack Obama: “Listen up, Buckwheat.” Poitier, a teacher at North Miami Beach Senior High who is also African-American, made the comments at a Broward County Republicans meeting while giving a speech against health-care reform.

*I am not sure what GOP Congressional Candidate Corey Poitier* was thinking with his reference to President Barack Obama as Buckwheat, but I wasn’t happy when I heard it.

At the same time, Poitier’s comment made me think about race in America, and the efforts of some African Americans to tap dance their way into political office.

Poitier’s remarks were off-script in a speech he was giving to earn added respect from his fellow Republicans.  He was joining the chorus of tea baggers and racists who have continuously worked to undermine the president, making Barack Obama public enemy number one for passing health care reform.  Not since the OJ Simpson trial have Americans been so angry at a black public figure, and Obama would be hated less for having been involved in dog fighting.   

Brother Poitier, by making his comments about Obama, has not only proven that he’s an especially opportunistic black Republican, but an unintelligent one as well.  He would surely fit right in with Sarah Palin.  Even Juan Williams would not compare Obama to Buckwheat, and he’s as ridiculous as they come.

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