Anna McCoy

*In her book Woman Act Now, business and marketing strategist Anna McCoy offers good news despite the current gloomy economic forecast.

In this release from Whitaker House, McCoy goes far beyond teaching readers how to develop a business plan – she shares savvy methods for women in particular to find success executing life-changing dreams.

With an upbeat tone and personal writing style that adds to the effectiveness of her information, McCoy makes it clear from the beginning those who will benefit from her book. In the introduction she explains she’s writing to the “dreamers” not the “wishers” whom McCoy suggests should “resume gazing complacently out the window.”

But for “those who can dream despite all odds and obstacles, who can believe in their significance and value their contributions to society,” McCoy offers specific steps that will make those dreams come true.

Woman, Act Now! is divided into five sections: Dream; Believe; Brand You; Execute; and Make the Connection. Chapter 27 includes stories of women who have applied McCoy’s strategies and found personal success.

LaShawn Amires, from Texas says she was “empowered…to press forward and to turn any negative into a positive.” Judith Ellis of Michigan said McCoy’s advice to “take care of your opportunities” changed her life: “this thought has reverberated in my spirit to become a guiding light…”

This isn’t a book for those seeking a quick fix. McCoy creatively combines real life examples with theory and practical application, teaching readers how to “dream big” while also offering specific steps for developing and implementing individualized plans.

A dynamic motivational speaker and talk show host, McCoy has taught her strategies to corporate groups, Woman, Act Now- members online, and countless small groups, churches and non-profit organizations. With the book release, McCoy’s methods for victory are available for those with the willingness to change from the inside out.

Accolades for McCoy and her book are pouring in not only from the women whose lives have dramatically changed after implementing her advice, but from men, too. Al Hollingsworth, CEO of the Los Angeles-based, Aldelano Corporation said the book is “masterfully woven” and “should be required reading for every visionary, not limited to women.” Rev. Kenneth Robinson of Restoring Life Int. said McCoy’s principles “on leadership, wealth transfer, and purpose are outstanding,” and “relevant to the masses.”

Bestselling author and Pastor T. D. Jakes heartily endorsed the book: “Anna is uniquely talented to equip others to successfully execute their dreams. Her vast array of experiences has indeed culminated in her work. She has earned the right to be read and she deserves to be heard!”

Personal warmth and enthusiasm ooze from the pages of Woman, Act Now! “Your future success depends on the things you are doing today,” McCoy writes. “Act now! Let your ideas live! They’re in you. Let them breathe life, and watch as God begins to use you and your talents to bless others in this world.”

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