Kat Stacks

*So, the video vixen’s reign of lies is finally coming to a halt. Kat Stacks has been making entertainment and blog headlines with these outrageous tall tales of her celebrity sex life with Nelly.

But in an interview this past Saturday, Nelly shut the woman up on Shade 45’s VIP Saturdays. Here’s how it went down.


A mysterious caller phoned into the show, insisting Stacks tell all about her past sex life with St. Louis rapper Nelly. The caller pressured her, demanding she describe their interaction, from the time she and Nelly met to the hotel she secretly fulfilled his sexual fantasies.

But here’s the knee slapper; the caller was Nelly! According to examiner.com, Stacks didn’t know it was him on the phone because she probably never in her life spoke to the rapper.

Bloggers, entertainment writers, and critics alike are curious about this failing queen of “sex, lies, and video tapes,” saying she is trying to emulate her idol Karrine Steffans. Rumor has it, Stacks is coming out with a book by the end of the year.

Listen to the interview here.

Don’t know who Kat Stacks is? Do you care to know? If so, watch the video below. She’ll tell you all about herself. Be advised her language is not appropriate for work … or anywhere else for that matter. Enjoy. 🙂