Sy Richardson & Steven Bauer (photo by Vinni Ratcliff)

*I have seen the film Scarface no less than 120 times. It’s one of my all time favorite films starring Al Pacino and Steven Bauer (played his best friend). They were some hustling Havana banana locos trying to make it with little or no education only street smarts and the willingness to tread on the dark side of life, for the right to smoke a Cuban cigar in a hot tub.

Another of my favorite films is Posse that starred Mario Van Peebles written by actor/writer/director/producer Sy Richardson. I remember the excitement and pride among African Americans that a film depicting Black cowboys had made the screen (since the Bronze Buckaroo). I couldn’t wait till it opened and went to see it at the Magic Johnson theatre in Baldwin Hills, gasping each time Mario Van Peebles appeared on the screen. So, when I received the invitation to attend A Numbers Game movie release that stars these two heavy weights (Steven and Sy) I was “in.”

The event was held at La Vida restaurant, a Spanish Moorish style upscale eaterie (just a few doors down from famed lickin’ licious Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles) that boasts a beautiful open courtyard with rooms facing the outdoor area. There, right in the heart of it ,event coordinators set up a mid-sized red carpet area.

Lots of beautiful new faces, up and coming stars and starlets lit up the red carpet, but the paps kept a steady eye on the main attraction Steven Bauer, Sy Richardson, the film’s leading lady Madison Walls and cast members of A Numbers Game. They basked in the spotlight for nearly 30 minutes straight. Bulbs were going off like fire works, 5 minutes more of that action they would have been toast!

Bauer is still easily recognizable as his character in Scarface but only manlier with a few extra solid beefed-up pounds. He’s no longer the skinny guy trying to catch a chick.

Sy Richardson looked very much the same, or maybe it’s the fact that I have seen him from time to time over the years. He’s definitely a salt and pepper distinguished type. On his arm was his long time ladylove and wife.  Also in the house were the singing group, the Satin Dollz looking like throw backs to Hollywood’s golden 40’s era. They added glitz and glam in their hotter than hot pinky satin skimpy outfits and bright colored red lips and rouged powder-puffed cheeks. Later they did a few Chantanooga choo choo boogie-woogie type numbers.

About 40 minutes or so after arriving I ducked into the VIP area located at the very rear of the restaurant where guests were feted on tomatoe/basil/cheese bites, asparagus sticks, salmon, chicken on a skewer and stuffed cheese in buttery filo dough pastry shells.  

In addition to a release party, this was a great networking party and I ran into some young industry movers such as Parris Harris (fashion designer who I will be seeing Thursday night at the Kierrah Foundation’s Disco Ball), and later on into the evening ran into rapper Lil Playy (My Chick Bad w/Ludacris) and his friend actor Devin Reeve who posed for pics with Pop/R&B/Hip Hop singer Trueful.

I came to see Steven Bauer and Sy Richardson and that’s what I got. We talked and schmoozed all night. Seeing them made my evening.  It was great to see actors who I respect and the world appreciates, back in the game, doing what they do best.

I heard that Ken Howard (coach on 80’s sitcom White Shadow) is also in the film but didn’t see him at the release party. I worked with Ken many years ago (2x’s on White Shadow). Hmmm, there all back. Lord, wonder if my number is coming up???  Check out  “A Numbers Game” in theatres and or video stores. – Kleo Out!

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected]