Brian White

*Squish, is a good word to describe Brian White’s (Stomp the Yard, I Can Be Bad All by Myself) birthday party. If you like the music thumping, bodies twisting and gyrating while packed tight like sardines in extra virgin sweat, then this was the party for you.

Promoters (and there were lots, I got invitations from several sources) had promoted the Hell out of the party so I arrived early. I was surprised to see that the dance floor was actually quite small for the anticipated crowd.

You could not help but start moving the minute you arrived because the DJ took her job seriously and kept one dance hit after another blaring over the massive speakers and when Rihanna’s new jam hit the deck, it was oh, boy, boy, boy boy, oh boy, boy get yo’ dance on.

The bar was busy too and then I noticed a small roped off area. Voila, this was the celebrity area, which actually served as the sushi bar. So my small group slipped in and made ourselves comfortable. It was a nice change from the other room where all the action had been taking place.

Trueful and Reagan Gomez

There I spotted beautiful Reagan Gomez, Adam Lazarre White and singer Trueful with his stylist Krystal French (cute name eh?). This was the tamer side of the party. Reagan informed me that it was her birthday also and she and Brian decided to celebrate together. Minutes later handsome, handsome Brian White showed up with his entourage. The only photog that I spotted in the VIP area was celebrity shooter Donald Carraway and he started to aim and click at the man of the hour, Brian White. Photogs so love exclusives. I’m sure “the” Don was in 7th heaven.

To try and make it back to the other room where dancers had burned a whole in the floor would have been insane. So I opted out of this one. As I was exiting I ran into Brazilian dancer and former Ms. Brazil beauty queen Guadalupae “Lushus.”  

Ironically when I arrived home, I was hungry…hmmm nothing in the frigid and no delicious snackers in the cabinets, so I opened a can of sardines with jalapenos and put them on crackers. Yeah, I like to eat my sardines, not be like one of them. Kleo, out!

Happy birthday Brian and Reagan, hope you have many more Stomp the Yard type parties.

On doing research on Brian, I learned he’s from Boston where I was raised!

For more on Brian White take a look at his IMDB page.

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned internationally syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected]

Photos: Donald Carraway