*Often times when a person who made their start on the comedy stage is thrust into superstardom, the comedy stage is the portion of that person’s career that suffers, but Monique seems hell bent on not letting that happen. But why now? She just won an Academy Award.

Well, since her interview with Lee Bailey, just days after her Oscar win, Mo’Nique’s “Spread the Love” comedy tour has already begun. In fact, the show rolls into LA tonight, (Friday, April2) at the Nokia Theater at LA Live (downtown).

“The comedy stage got me to that Oscar stage.  So, for me, I know where I got to give it back to.  That’s just for me.  So, when is a perfect time?  Right now and I want to celebrate (winning the Oscar) with everybody because everybody got me to this stage.  We’re going for nothing but laughter.”

And laughter is Mo’Nique’s true forte.  She will go through extreme lengths to seize the funny bone with reckless abandon.  

“I’m telling everybody over the age of 40 to wear your Depends because it might get a little strange.  I’m not judging nobody because I’ve been there myself.  Be laughing so hard like ‘Lord, no that’s not, Lord!’  Nobody told me about that, Lee.  I’m going to be fair and I’m going to tell all the sisters out there.  I don’t know if brothers really have this problem, but for sisters it gets different.   At first I thought it was just my vision.  Had to get the little glasses from Costco to read the paper, then I went to a show and bust out laughing and was like ‘What is that?’  Be like ‘Y’all didn’t smell that?  That was me!”                            

The laugh was the motive.  Some might have thought it was the money, but for Mo’Nique laughs reign supreme.  

In closing, Mo’Nique thanked our Lee Bailey for being a supporter throughout her career and he in turned thanked her for giving major props to EURweb on her late night BET talker “The Mo’Nique Show.”  Greatly appreciated, wish other black celebs did the same.  

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