Mo'Nique & Gabby

*Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe is on top of the world right now.  And you just simply cannot blame her.  She has the world wondering why there hasn’t been a big girl breakout role of this magnitude in, well, ever.  

At least not on this scale … and not for a black woman. Recently some in the media have made it their mission to rain on her parade.  When asked here’s what Mo’Nique had to say.

“I’m excited for Gabby and I’m proud of that sister.  I’m proud of the way she’s handling this whole thing and it will be interesting to see what the future holds.”      

When our Lee Bailey heard the Oscar winning actress/comedienne’s response he initially thought she didn’t hear him correctly.  But she heard exactly what he said.  Our readership is most probably aware of the controversy caused by comments made by radio personality Howard Stern regarding Mo’Nique’s “Precious” lead.  Stern, ever the ratings whore, obviously was ecstatic regarding the film’s success.  Now he could make fun of a heavy-set dark complexioned woman and get away with it.  How pathetic, but the joke’s on him.  We asked Mo’Nique who or what would she offer as anecdotal evidence of BBW success. Well, you could offer Mo herself and, as a matter of fact, we can go even further than that.  Can we say Oprah Winfrey?  Ouch!

Respectfully, we had to help the beloved comedienne see an obvious point, at least we thought we did.  The aforementioned stars had time to hone and shape their images, as well as decades worth of calluses built upon their armored exterior. Gabby is brand-new, bigger and darker as well. And unfortunately, in modern Hollywood, that’s still seen as a flaw.

“She’s out of nowhere to y’all,” said Mo’Nique in both praise and defense of the young actress. “But she’s been there to herself forever.  Just because you guys never saw her before, it’s like ‘Where did she come from?’ You’re always saying that, but she’s been right there. But now you have to pay her some attention. You have to because the performance that she did, it put the world in awe. The world is in love with her.  The world is in awe with this woman. It’s interesting to watch that happen because there was a time they told me ‘You’re too big.  You’re black!  That whole big and sexy thing will never work.’ Yet, I sit here with you today and you’re saying congratulations on your Oscar.  If it was meant for you, it was meant for you and baby, there’s nothing anybody can do about it.”   
Regarding the critics?  The less-refined Mo’Nique would have attacked them head on and, admittedly, we in the media would have rejoiced with glee.  But here’s what the refined Monique had to say.     

“So to those people make those comments, I can understand how they would!  I can understand how they would because they’ve been making them forever.   So why would they do anything different?  They told Hattie McDaniels ‘You’re fat, you’re black!’  What? Do you see how the pattern just keeps going? I just got to accept it and say ‘you’re truly entitled to your opinion ‘and I’m going to keep going’.  I’m sure if you were to sit down with Oprah Winfrey you would have the same story.  So, whatever bad they had to say about Gabby, be careful! I’m not concerned at all.”  

Speaking of Hattie McDaniel, Monique says she is currently strongly considering the first African American Oscar winner in film.  But we were unable to nail down additional details. But she did have this to say:

“When I tell you that woman is all over me, she’s all over me!”