NAACP President/CEO Benjamin Jealous

*Even though Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has apologized to “any fellow Virginian who has been offended or disappointed” that he didn’t mention slavery on Tuesday when he announced that the state would celebrate Confederate History Month in April, NAACP President and CEO, Ben Jealous, is not even remotely happy with either announcement.

He has responded with this statement:

“The NAACP is deeply disappointed with Governor Bob McDonnell’s decision to make April, Confederate History Month. This decision by the Governor disrespects history and the people of Virginia and is a tragic break from his Republican predecessors who acknowledged the painful legacy of slavery. The NAACP just returned from a historic trip to Senegal to celebrate their 50th Anniversary of Independence., while there we visited the “Door of No Return” – the last stop for slaves going to the Americas — and we come back to the U.S. to find Governor McDonnell honoring the legacy of a movement that promoted slavery, an act that U.S. Congress has apologized for and we feel is crime against humanity. It is not only disingenuous to honor the confederacy, but at time when Congressmen and other elected officials are being attacked it is dangerous.”

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell