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*You can’t turn on the news without being bombarded with headlines about celebrity marriages dealing with infidelity, betrayal and ending in divorce. Regardless of which situation, the public asks the same questions: Should the unsuspecting spouse stay or walk away? Whose fault was it?

Five days after their third child was born, Nicole Cleveland found out her husband had an affair and was leaving the family. She thought this couldn’t happen to them because they were heavily involved in the church – he was in the ministry, she served on various auxiliaries and they paid their tithes and offerings regularly.

As a wife, mother and employee that was used to living on two incomes, she was suddenly faced with living on one income and providing for three children. In “So He Cheated, Now What?” Cleveland shares her personal story of raw emotions, tears she cried from not understanding, loneliness she felt because there was no family around and even embarrassment.

“So He Cheated, Now What?” is a guide to overcoming an affair in your marriage or relationship.

Cleveland says, “Taking him back was the easy part. Rebuilding the trust after the affair, took a lot of work.” She says, “couples should stop sweeping their issues under the rug; only dealing with them firsthand will allow true healing to begin.”

In the midst of her pain, Cleveland found her purpose. Her mission now is helping others by sharing her testimony. Women, families and lives are shattered everyday due to adultery. Her mission is to let others know they aren’t alone as victims of adultery and perhaps her experience, can make a difference with someone else.

“So He Cheated, Now What?” provides action steps to restoring a broken marriage.

Cleveland says, “This book is to help couples rebuild love and trust. It’s a process to restoring a marriage, but well worth the effort.”

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