*President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on Thursday reported earning $5.5 million in 2009, the bulk of it from sales of his various books, the White House announced.

By contrast, former President Bush and Laura Bush reported a taxable income of $719,274 in 2007.

The Obamas paid nearly $1.8 million in federal income tax and reported giving $329,100 to 40 charities. Their tax return is here.

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill reported earning $333,182 and paying $71,147 worth of federal income tax. In 2007, former Vice President Cheney and his wife reported earning $2.5 million and paying $602,651 in taxes.

Jill Biden filed a separate non-resident tax return for Virginia, where she teaches at Northern Virginia Community College. The school paid Biden $42,486, and she paid $1,477 in income taxes.