Quinton Aaron - Red carpets are now a way of life for the young star who entered the Hollywood scene with an Oscar winning film ("Best Actress" for Sandra Bullock). Quinton is in great demand

*New comer, actor Quinton Aaron who has made it onto the Hollywood scene in a huge way by starring in The Blind Side (Oscar winning film “Best Actress” category for America’s darling film star Sandra Bullock), hosted the New Frontier Democratic Club 50th Gold Celebration held at Club 740 downtown.

Glamorous stage and screen siren and internationally known star Sheryl Lee Ralph who rolled up to the red carpet in a black shiny super star status limousine received a special tribute as did rap pioneer Kurtis Blow. There was a parade of stars on the red carpet matched by an equally stunning media line-up.

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In the meantime, check out Donald Carraway’s photos from the event:

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Kiki Shepard and Brenda Lee Eager. - This photo is just glowing from their magnetic personalities.

Ingrid Hutt, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Marc Gaspard - President of The New Frontier Democratic Club, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Marc Gaspard enjoyed an evening that celebrated and supports the California State Democratic Convention

Judy Pace, Brenda Lee Eager and Beverly Todd - all came out to support the California State Democratic Convention and President Barack Obama

Mariano Mendoza showed off his kicks and his kicks (shoes)

Captions by Eugenia Wright