Shaheed Najm & T-Pain

*The father of T-pain has reportedly suffered a heart attack and fallen into a coma.

And even though the hip hop singer and his father and one-time manager, Shaheed Najm, haven’t been on the best of terms since falling out, T-Pain has been by his Dad’s side.

In fact, the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper is reporting that T-Pain has been with his father, 57, since he suffered the apparent heart attack Saturday evening in Atlanta.

“He’s concerned about his daddy.” Pain’s mother, Aliyah Najm, told the paper. “He’s been right here.”

Najm once served as T-Pain’s manager but blamed his firing on the auto-tune master’s label head, singer/producer Akon and his brother Bu. He once touched on his poor health in an interview. points out that in an interview, Najm once talked about the fragile condition of his heart:

“Most folks don’t know this, but I’m on a waiting list for a heart transplant,” Najm said. “I’ve had a triple bypass and a stroke since dealing with the [former rap group] Nappy Headz … I’ve let a lot of things go without commenting out of respect for my son. And I didn’t sue to get my money because that’s my child. I love him more than I love money.”

Things got messy and T-Pain alleged that his father attempted to black mail him in a $250,000 payoff. Najm also denied those claims.

Meanwhile, T-Pain has not released a statement regarding his father’s condition.