*BATON ROUGE, LA – Silky Slim Productions is proud to announce the DVD release of “To Live and Die in Amerikkka,” a powerful documentary that examines the pathology behind the senseless violence that plagues America’s inner-city communities.

Shot on the busy and dangerous streets of Anywhere, USA, the controversial film is gaining notice for its provocative portraits of “bling-bling” culture and the “thug” mentality that inspires it.  

“I made this film to show young people who may be blinded by the flashy cars, and cash, to know what life as a thug is really about,” says former gang banger turned social activist/filmmaker Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed. “If they see the hurt and suffering that this lifestyle is causing people, then maybe it will wake them up. It’s time for a serious change to take place in inner-city America.”

Having spent half his life in prison and terrorizing the streets, Reeds knows the reality of thug life first hand.

“I thrived off of crime as a gang leader and I know that it comes with consequences that are negatively impacting the ghettos of America,” he says. “So now I have dedicated my life to creating something positive from all the death and violence by creating raw dialogues that will bring an end to the cycle of destruction that exist in this nation’s inner cities.”  

The DVD includes many disturbing, but very real images of people shot and killed in the streets, and also interviews with prominent African Americans like Tavis Smiley, Jessie Jackson and Dick Gregory who offer solutions about the problems facing inner-city communities.

“Our message is for the youth and we want them to know that “Thuggin’ it and Loving it” is not cool,” said Reed. “For the thugs, we want to show them that if you love thuggin’ it, that you’re likely to end up in an early grave. We want to inspire the people in our ghettos and let them know they have other options and alternatives in life.”

Gil L. Robertson IV
[email protected]