U.S. Army Spc. Marc A. Hall

*After recording and distributing an army diss, laced with threats against his fellow soldiers, judges decided to dismiss U.S. Army Spc. Marc A. Hall.

He faced 15 years in jail if convicted of communicating a threat, but Hall chose a plea bargain that cost him his military benefits. He served more than four years and completed a tour in Iraq from 2007-2008.

Before being re-deployed to Iraq, Hall recorded a song in which he claimed to kill his superiors. Check out the lyrics:

“Still against the wall, I grab my M-4, Spray and watch all the bodies hit the floor, I bet you never stop-loss nobody no more, In your next lifetime of course, no remorse.”

Hall is referring to the enforcement of the Army’s stop-loss policy.

Hall’s music was not taken too seriously until the song was sent to top Army officials and the Pentagon.

“He understood the threats he made to his fellow soldiers,” an Army spokesman told reporters. “With the loss of his benefits, the time he’s already done in jail and his reduction in rank, that’s justice served.”