*You may know that urban newcomer Kyonte’ co-produced Raheem DeVaughn’s Grammy nominated song “Woman.”  But they have something else in common.

From the first time I heard each of them sing…their voices, their melodies, their style…KiKi Miller became a fan!

I first heard Raheem opening for New Edition in St. Louis, Summer 2005. While most of my fellow traveling New Edition fans were in the lobby dreaming of the moment NE hit the stage, I was glued to my seat thoroughly enjoying the sound and style of this unknown artist. Without the extras that being a big name would give him to work with he simply entertained using what he had to offer…great talent!

After the show I met Raheem in the retail area, bought all of his independent CDs, promised to buy “The Love Experience” as soon as it hit (which I did), and had him autograph everything telling him “You’re going to blow up and when you do I’m going to have autographed copies of all your early music!”

I saw Raheem again after his second album. He was appearing in Atlanta at what was then Earthlink Live. Some friends were supposed to meet me but got caught in a traffic accident and were parked on the freeway. But I didn’t mind being the only middle-aged person in the venue.  I took my seat in the front row and had a good time all by myself.

Fortunately, there was a dance floor between the stage and front row, because had I been right up in Raheem’s face he might have had to stop the show to ask me who the heck I was. You see, I was jumping up on my feet dancing my butt off to each song. Raheem was looking at me real puzzled like he was wondering…

“Who is that middle-aged woman dancing her butt off and singing every word to my songs? Is that one of my aunties? Wonder if that’s one of my momma’s friends?”

And just like I partied to the music of Raheem DeVaughn, I’m looking forward to partying to the music of Kyonte’ who also has great melodic songs that an old school crooner like me can enjoy just as much as my hip-hop kids!

As soon as I get my traveling money flowing again, I’m on a plane jetting to see Kyonte’ entertain me using what he has to offer…great talent!

So Kyonte’ if you see a middle-aged woman at one of your shows dancing her butt off and singing every song with you, nope that’s not one of your aunties or your momma’s friends.  It’s KiKi Miller loving what you do!

If you’re in the DC/MD/VA area you don’t have to get on a plane.  You can see Kyonte’ perform live plus the world premiere of his video for “What’s That Sound” at the inDiCity Networking Affair on Friday, May 7, 2010 at THEARC in Washington, D.C.  For tickets visit

Also go to and at least download the single “What’s That Sound.”  But if you’re like me and you believe in supporting good music then download the entire CD “831 Volume 1 – What’s That Sound” so you can have Kyonte’s early music like I’ve got Kyonte’s and Raheem DeVaughn’s early music … something else they have in common.