You’ve been eying a special person for some time, and action needs to be taken by the 26th if you’re looking to solidify your position. The Full Moon in Sagittarius brings an opportunity to travel and get settled before the big weekend blow-out. A situation at work is relieved on the 30th when responsibilities that fell on you prove to be no burden at all. Reason being is that it’s all about love where you least expect it.

For some Taurus natives, the love call comes nice and smoothly, especially on the 25th and 26th, when you feel the need to simply be with others and solidify your social position. By the Full Moon of the 27th, your relationship picks up steam, and you are well on your way to a very satisfying long-term bonding. Work-wise, the 30th brings relief from a burden that has been bugging you for quite a while. However, you have a bit of a warped viewpoint that needs straightening before the 31st. Think logically!  

With Venus, the planet of love and desire, boosting your financial picture, feel free to bring up unorthodox ideas to satisfy your inner cravings. By the Full Moon on the 27th, you will be able to pick and choose your partner(s) with abandon. If it’s in a work relationship, you see how business is going on the 30th, a day that is perfect for establishing your opposition. Bet on a settlement that benefits more than one of your closest friends.

Hold on to the 25th as a day when love rocks your world positively. As a matter of fact, this is an especially smooth period where little nagging things somehow don’t weigh on you as heavily as they usually do to the sensitive Moon child. The 27th exposes secrets you’d rather keep under wraps, but they are not the kind that will alter your image to the world. The days that needs your attention are the 29th and 30th, when you will be asked to guide others through a sticky legal problem.

Home life is affected at the beginning of this forecast. It seems that you have a touch of nostalgia going that is enveloping all fibers of your being. You’ll find out what the situation is on the 27th, a Full Moon day that will keep you extremely busy, but in a positive way. Communications ease up on the 30th, so look to that day and beyond to accomplish your goals.  Late on the 31st you will find illusions that now become reality.

Take the time to go over details involving your career by the Full Moon on the 27th. There are all sorts of juicy aspects that will keep you busy that day. You can rest up on the 28th, a day that asks you to lay low and let others run the ship. By the 30th, you will feel pressure lift, mostly in the late morning, early afternoon hours. The Full Moon on the 27th may feel a bit frenzied, especially to those Virgos who want to make an impression career-wise. Calm down: it’s going to be alright.

Monetary matters bring a slow-moving situation into full-steam locomotion by the Full Moon of the 27th. Communications that day will come fast and furious, too much for the laid-back Libra, so take everything in with deliberation. The weekend, especially the 30th, finds you to be free of a burden that has been pressuring you for quite a while. Subconsciously, you will feel the weight lift. Physically, you will feel better.

Shake off the moodiness you will definitely find yourself in on the 256ht and 26th, when the Moon is in your sign. Focus should be sharp, however, so those are days when you should hunker down and finally finish that project. The Full Moon on the 27th directly impacts your finances, so be open to unorthodox methods of accruing money. Legal issues are handled with efficiency on the 29th and 30th. Yes, it’s the weekend, but business really needs to be taken care of then.

Last week, you were urged to run wild. Still holds true this forecast period, especially on the Full Moon of the 27th, which directly affects you and any Gemini in your sphere of influence. Once that day has passed, you find that money occupies your thoughts more than normally, and will linger through the weekend. Career-wise, the 30th is a liberating day, but you may feel s bit foggy on the 31st. That’s due to all the partying you’ve been doing recently.

Strange as it sounds, you are a party animal this forecast period. In reality, you are a closet partier, but you prefer to wait until the weekend to let yourself go. The party starts early, on the 27th to be exact. Introspection envelopes you on the 29th and 30th: Use that time to finally straighten a problem that requires your full attention. Backtracking now will result in more work than normal for the Goat.

By the Full Moon of the 27th, you will see that your utopian vision can be fulfilled, even if you have to sacrifice more than you thought. The situation is really not as serious as you think, but merely calls for attention in certain areas. You’ll be able to handle more than you thought over the weekend when a problem is suddenly solved. With the work arena suddenly more attractive, roll up your sleeves and dive into unexplored areas that now need your smarts.

This is a week that is a bit more tumultuous than normal for the usually placid Piscean. At first glance, you understand s sticky problem that was more intense than it should have been. By the Full Moon of the 27th, you should totally understand instinctively how to handle yourself, with full clarity coming over the weekend. On the 30th, solar aspects free you from being timid, and you move with a grace that you did not know you had. Study others and see how they handle a disturbing situation on the 31st.

LENNY KRAVITZ – Born May 26, 1964

Lenny Kravitz

This Full Moon baby (Sun in Gemini/Moon in Sagittarius) was born to wander to romantic and exotic places to gather stories for his multitude of CD and single releases.

Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus bestow Lenny with a sharp and restless mind. Oftentimes, this can signal an explosive temper, one that holds grudges, but is endowed with musical capabilities that normally escape ordinary human beings.

Venus in Cancer normally signals a placid home life, one filled with plenty, not to mention a full pantry of provisions. Indeed, his parents – actress Roxie Roker (“The Jeffersons”) and television news producer Sy Kravitz – were well-respected and obviously were able to provide a solid home base for our rocker.

With Saturn in Pisces opposite Uranus in Virgo, this restless soul needs the open road to clear his thoughts, as well as the demands placed on him on a daily basis.

This aspect also gives Kravitz the ability to size up a situation and plot out how he can use others to his advantage. It also bestows what astrologers cal the Grand Cross aspect to his Sun and Moon, and also re-enforces the rebel in him.

Trying to pin Lenny Kravitz down is akin to scooping water out of a leaking boat with a thimble. Just enjoy his work and you will fully understand the greatness of Lenny Kravitz’s music.