*It used to be that African Americans left the South to escape racial oppression. Well, that was then. This is now and the exact opposite is happening.

In fact, a new study shows that the Chicago area’s Black population has dropped from second to third place behind Atlanta.

This reversal of the “Great Migration” is one of the findings of a Brookings Institution Study, “The State of Metropolitan America.”

In 1990, metropolitan Atlanta’s black population ranked seventh in the nation. By 2000, it was fourth. And by 2008, Census estimates put Atlanta in second with 1,669,519 African-Americans, eclipsing Chicago’s 1,667,376. The New York City area remains the largest concentration of African-Americans, with 3,162,284.

In case you’re wondering what metro areas come after Chicago, here’s the list:

Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles