Angela Carr Patterson

*There are numerous of books out that offer advice on how to find true love.  They tell you to get a new makeover, lose some weight, make a detailed list of your requirements or even go hang out where eligible single folks hang.

While all of these things are certain to help you find your love, they do not promise true love.  Because true love can never be found outside of oneself, it can only be found within.

Whenever we look for something outside of ourselves, we are saying that we don’t already have it. But when it comes to love, that simply isn’t really true. The truth is we do havelove. Love resides within all of us.

To understand this, we must first come to realize that we are all connected to a Life Force, The Love Powersource…God.  God is pure love. And we all have been given the capacity to connect with and become one with God. As we begin to accept and allow this connection to grow and evolve, we become the very essence of love we seek.

But when we search for what we already possess, it’s like walking around the in a panic looking for your keys, not realizing they’re already in your hands. Once you realize you are holding your keys, do you continue to look for them? Of course, not. You immediately begin to use your keys to unlock the door or whatever you needed them for.

Once you realize that love already exist within, you now canbegin looking for ways to share it with the world. Compassion, forgiveness, and peace within becomes your home. You begin to live your life from a space of fulfillment instead of need or void. Then guess what will happen? Thelove you’re already experiencing will also show up in yourlife wrapped in the package of your divine right mate.Become that which you seek and your life will never be the same!!

Angela Carr Patterson is a Lifestyle Coach, Author and Transformational Speaker.  She is the founder of The Love Lifestyle Center, and The Love Story Women Circle, an online global community of women seeking to embrace love, celebration and transformation in their lives. Their goal is to reach one million women through the internet. Contact via [email protected]