*Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is motivating a new generation of youth through the arts. Over the years, the pioneering musician has worked with youth and is currently a partner with the Garden of Dreams Foundation.

Each year, the non-profit hosts a talent show and this year it will take place on April 28 at the Radio City Music Hall.

“Last year, they had the kids produce a TV show for Fuse and they needed a
subject to interview, so I came in,” he said, explaining how he originally
got involved with Garden of Dreams. “The kids put the whole show together –
worked the cameras, did the interview, production, sound and light — and I
was the subject that they focused on,” he said. “I really loved it because
it gave the kids experience.”

He says through the organization, poverty stricken children and urban kids have a chance to grab onto hope and generate positivity in their lives, reports The He inspires the children with his own rags to riches story. As a celebrity, he wants to reach students with a message of hope, growth, and fun.

“There’s no difference. I’m not a celebrity,” he said. “I am you. And it helps them to see and be in real time with people who walked the same streets that they did. I probably wrote my first rap at 12-years-old, but I didn’t perform until Run-DMC did their first show when I was 18. These kids have a lot to offer because I would’ve never gotten in a room in front of a bunch of people and did what these little kids are doing.”